Montag, 21. November 2016

Docker cheat sheet

Start docker image and map a port from the docker image to a port on localhost
docker run -p 8538c205bee2
Starts image id 8538c205bee2 and maps internal port 3306 of that image to localhost port 8806.

Open a bash in a running docker image
docker exec -it 8538c205bee2 /bin/bash
Stop all running docker images
docker stop $(docker ps -a -q)
Remove/delete all running docker images
docker rm $(docker ps -a -q)

Mittwoch, 16. November 2016

How to browser a remote docker repository

to browse a remote docker repository for available versions of a docker image you could use the docker API like this


Montag, 14. November 2016

Oh shit, git!

Here is a link hint to git shit situations and tips to solve them

Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2016

Get rid of the google hangout window

I'm using google hangout and chat quite often. Sometimes it happens that the google hangout window opens in a new window instead inside of the google mail window. If that happens just deactivate the google hangout extension in your browser. I.e. chrome do the following

  1. Go to settings->Extensions
  2. Search for Google Hangouts extension
  3. Deactivate it