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Mittwoch, 17. Mai 2017

Where are the ear or war files stored in a jboss container?

I was searching where jboss stores an ear or war files once you deployed it via the cli cmd line. Here is my finding on that:

  • The uploaded war or ear ist stored within a file called $jboss.server.base.dir/standalone/data/content/xx/xxyyyyyyyyy/content
  • xx is a two char directory name within the default data folder
  • yyyyyyyyyyy is a hash value of your ear or war
  • You will find the xxyyyyyyy key as the sha1 value of your deployed ear or war within your standalone.xml config under the deployment section
Within the $jboss.server.base.dir/standalone/tmp you might find the cache of our currently running jboss. If you delete tmp after stopping jboss it will reinstall the ingredients from data. If you delete data you are screwed and you have to remove the ear or war entries from your standalone.xml or start jboss with --admin-only to redeploy the war or ears with the console.