Dienstag, 28. August 2012

Js Modules with Titanium Appcelerator Framework

Here are the two ways you could currently use JS modules within the Titanium Mobile Framework from appcelerator:

1. Function Module

Assume you have a FunctionModule.js with the following content:

// an internal variable, which is only accesible within the module
var internalMsg = "Only visible within the module";

// an exported function, which this module offers
exports.hello = function(msg) {
alert('your message: ' + msg + ' internal message: ' + internalMsg);

you could use you module like this:

// reference the module
var fmo = require('/ui/common/FunctionModule');

// call the exported function
fmo.hello('External Message');

// no access from the outside to the internal variable
alert('interal var from module: ' + fmo.internalMsg)

2. Object Module

Assume you have a ObjectModule.js with the following content:

// constructor of your object
function Sample(name) {
   this.name = name;
// function, which alerts the current name
Sample.prototype.showName = function() {
alert('Name: ' + this.name);
// function, which sets the name
Sample.prototype.setName = function(name) {
this.name = name;
// you just export your Object and override the methods as prototypes
module.exports = Sample;

you could use you module like this:

// reference the module
var SampleModule = require('/ui/common/ObjectModule');
// Create a sample Object
var sam = new SampleModule('Fred');
// call a Method

// change the internal name

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